How Do Boil In a Bag Meal Delivery Kits Work?

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CG Meals makes eating at your house healthy and easy. When you purchase one of our meal kits, you can either boil your meal for ten minutes in a pot of water. If you can’t boil your meal, you simply cut a slit in the bag and put it on a plate in the microwave for a few minutes. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using our boil in a bag meal delivery kits.

Meal Prep Kits Save You and Your Family Time

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average family spends about 37 minutes per day preparing meals and cleaning up. Typically, younger individuals spend less time preparing food. However, people over the age of 65 can spend as long as 43 minutes preparing their meals. The key benefit of boiling your meals in a bag is time savings. Instead of spending your time preparing meals, you can enjoy them with your family.

Meal Prep Kits Are Nutritious

When people don’t have time to eat, they tend to order fast food:

  • The average American gets fast food 1-3 times per week.
  • About a third of Americans are eating fast food on any given day.
  • 83% of American families eat fast food once per week.
  • The average household spends 10% of their income on fast food.

The average meal ordered from a fast food restaurant has a whopping 837 calories. That’s typically only if you order the sandwich. If you get a full blown meal combo, you can consume as many as 1600 to 2000 calories in just one meal.

With CG Meals, our meals are nutritious and healthy. For example, our Chicken Fajitas only have 436 calories per serving, in a complete meal.

Meal Prep Kits Are Affordable

The average American grocery bill goes up every month these days. It’s hard to extrapolate a true monthly cost of groceries, but the USDA Cost of Food reports are a good starting point. The average family of four, on the low end, could spend about $1200 on food each month. That number goes up if you buy meat, organic vegetables, and other things you like. If you go with one of CG Meals’ weekly recurring orders, you could spend $715.96 per month on food if you get a 14-meal kit for each week. If you are the average American who spends about 10% of their income on fast food (assuming a household income of $74,099 from the BLS in January of 2022), you’re spending about $740/month on food that isn’t healthy for you, in addition to the meals you regularly eat at home.

Choose CG Meals For Healthy Eating

If you are looking for healthy, affordable meal delivery, give CG Meals a try. Our restaurant meals are made by a 5-star chef. You can enjoy the grandeur of a fine restaurant eating experience at home in just about ten minutes with our boil in a bag meal kits.

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