How to Eat Better with Meal Kits

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by Nick Kiouftis
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How to Eat Better with Meal Kits

Meal kits are all the rage these days. They’re the perfect solution for anyone that wants to sit down to a good meal without going through all that trouble in the kitchen. However, not all meal kits are created equal.


Knowing what to look for when choosing a meal kit service can help you get the best meals on your table. Whether it’s just you or you’re feeding a family, you should make sure your meal kit follows these 5 simple rules.


  1. It’s not frozen

You could go to the freezer section of your local supermarket for frozen meals. Why pay more to have them delivered to your door? Always choose a meal kit that gives you fresh, never frozen, meals.


  1. Nix the nuking

Another common conundrum with frozen meals is that you generally have to microwave them to heat them up. While most frozen meals do come with an option to heat in the oven, that can often take up to an hour. Since most people don’t want to wait that long, they shove it in the microwave.


When you choose a meal kit, choose one that can be heated in a healthier way. One of the best ways to cook foods, both fresh and prepared, is using the sous vide technique. By adding food encased in BPA-free bags to boiling water, you can use this method of cooking which won’t deplete nutrients and vitamins, nor will it ruin the flavors.


  1. Customize it your way

You’re paying for a food service, so why should you pay for food that you can’t eat? Customization is important with meal kits, so choose one that lets you have the flexibility you need for your diet and preferences.


  1. Restaurant quality meals

You’re here because you don’t want that watered-down, frozen-to-microwave taste that you hate from the freezer section. You deserve better than that which is why you need to choose meal kits that give you the kind of meals you’d get at the best restaurants. Cajun shrimp, pot roast, fajitas, and plenty more can help you satisfy any craving while sticking to your healthy eating priorities.


  1. More choices on the side

Often, meal kits that offer sides only give you a choice of 2 or 3 options. What if you don’t like any of them? Choose a meal kit that lets you peruse many more than that. You’ll be more likely to find something you like, plus you can diversify so you’ll have something different with every meal.


Why Choose California Grill?

California Grill never breaks these 5 rules of meal kits. You can be sure that everything you order arrives fresh. All you need to do is boil water and dinner is done. Chef-prepared meals will be delivered to your door so you get the delight of restaurant-quality without going anywhere and without a mountain of dishes left behind. It’s the best way to heat, eat, and enjoy dietician designed meals for one, two, or the whole family. Break away from processed meals and discover how easy it is to eat fresh every day, even if all you know how to do is boil water.


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