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Chicken Teriyaki Bowl*


Panda Express has nothing on our Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. You call them authentic? Then you're going to love the rich zesty sweet flavor of this protein-packed meal.

High-quality chicken cooked and seasoned to perfection with your choice of sides like steamed broccoli, green beans, sauteed mushrooms, or red roasted potatoes makes this entree a feast great for one.

You'll find the rich tender texture of the chicken to be nothing short of mouth-watering savory-good from start to finish!


  • Tenderized chicken that falls apart in your mouth
  • High protein meal that makes a great lunch entree 
  • Vitamin-rich and antioxidant-packed sides to pick from 

Enjoy lunch at home or on the go with our savory Chicken Teriyaki Bowl and order yours today!


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Max 25 Characters

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