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Pasta Florentine*


If you're looking for a meal to pick you up during the day then the Pasta Florentine is the way to go! It contains fresh basil, garlic, spinach, and parmesan cheese on top of bowtie pasta for those with a taste for Italian. 

You'll feel on top of the world and ready to finish up the day with all the energy you need from essential antioxidants and vitamins. 

The bowtie pasta is a great switch up from fast food items or takeout as we make each one with organic ingredients made to positively impact your health.


  • Great source of Vitamins K, Vitamins A, Vitamins C
  • Quality fiber to aid in digestion 
  • Low-fat entree with a nice Italian flavor to it 
  • Rich in quality carbohydrates 

Enjoy a touch of Italian to fuel your body with our Pasta Florentine and order yours online today!


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