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Prime Steak*


Treat yourself to something wildly flavorful your next meal with the lip-smacking savory taste of our Prime Steaks! Prime Steaks are an excellent source of protein and provides your body with essential amino acids needed for full recoveries and strength.

Its rich, smoky taste will have you rubbing your tummy happily when you finish it! You can eat the Prime Steak with a side of rice, beans, and steamed veggies to top off the meal with extra nutrition.

Enjoy this heart hardy Prime Steak today and your body will thank you for it later!


  • Rich source of protein and key amino acids
  • A great heart-healthy source of meat you can substitute any beef with
  • Contains high amounts of Zinc which is great for boosting the immune system

Make dinner a savory, protein-packed option with our Prime Steaks and order yours today!


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